"This could be fun!" Well, that's right. There is so much you can do to learn about the overall operation of the Railway. The following are what you can be involved in:

  • Customer Service - Station Assistants, Ticket Sellers, Booking Officer, Special Train Operations
  • Railway Operations - Guard, Driver and Signaller
  • Administration - including legal and project planning
  • Mechanical - Fitter & Turner, General Locomotive & Carriage Maintenance
  • Electrical and Plumbing
  • Public Relations
  • History and Archives

As a member you can choose to be in the front line, work behind the scenes or both. The choice is yours! Read more below.

The Front Line - Station and Train Operations

Station Operations

As a member you have the opportunity to drive and guard trains. However, every member starts on the Diamond Valley Station assisting the public to board and disembark the trains. This includes a variety of roles including ticket collection, train dispatching, and arrivals supervision (opening the gate to let the passengers off the station safely).

D2 (Photo: S Daly)

Becoming a Guard

Once you have demonstrated you can operate Stations, you have the opportunity to join our train crew. As a Guard, you are responsible for the safety of around 30 people whilst the train is travelling more than 2km around Eltham Lower Park. Written or verbal examinations demonstrate that you understand how to Guard a train safely.

Becoming a Driver

After 30 hours of being on a train as a Guard you have the opportunity to become a non-steam driver (Petrol/Diesel/Electric powered). As a Driver, you are responsible for the safety of around 30 people for 2km around Eltham Lower Park. Driving a train is a responsible and a fulfilling experience, that you attain after an easy but regulated training regime. Written or verbal examinations demonstrate that you understand how to Drive a train safely. After a year of non-steam driving, there is also the ultimate and challanging opportunity to train to be a steam loco driver which requires a different set of skills. Talk to one of our steam engine drivers anytime you are at the Railway, they love the challenge!


Controlling the passage of the trains is a vital and responsible task to keep the railway running. It is desirable for you to have qualified as a Guard before training as a Signaller so you know the track and signals.

Behind the Scenes

Rolling Stock And Workshop

The Locomotive fleet consists of models of steam, diesel and electric outline locomotives owned by the Railway and by private members. Assist in the workshop and learn how to keep our fleet of locomotives and carriages operating, with no previous experience required. Helping repair and maintain the Rollingstock helps DVR actually operate. You can perform vital work and make a real difference in this area.

Signalling and Safeworking

All signalling used at the DVR incorporates relay based and modern PLC based signalling systems controlled by two Signal Boxes located at strategic positions around the railway. Both signal boxes share half the control of the Railway's operations with Diamond Valley 'B' as a full time signal box and Meadmore Junction 'A' switching in as required.

This department is always making signals, wiring, laying conduit and cables, fault fixing and many other activities. If you are interested in electronics, this is the place to be.

Workshop (Photo: S Daly)

Workshop (Photo: S Daly)

Track and Lineside Features

Building and maintaining the track and buildings helps the railway keep on working and operating. Another enduring feature of the Railway is the ongoing need for members to preserve the bushland environment, parks and gardens along the banks of Diamond Creek through which the trains run.

Station and the Public

We need people to help operate and staff the station. This is a great introduction to our railway where you meet all your fellow members as well as greet and assist the general public boarding and alighting from our trains. It is the place to liaise with the public, and where we seek to present our organisation in the best light.

Special Groups

The Railway prides itself on encouraging diversity and we have a Heritage Group that preserves our heritage rolling stock, locomotives and equipment for posterity, as well as a number of carriage and locomotive work groups who are currently restoring or building new equipment. An archives research group has also been formed to record our history and past members who have contributed to our success over the years.