Since the commencement of operations in Eltham Lower Park on 29th October 1961 when a humble start was made on the system existing today, a variety of rolling stock has been used on the railway. Some are still in use; other items have been transferred or scrapped.

DVR is a miniature rather than a model railway although, as will be evident to patrons, it follows Victorian Railways practice to a marked extent. Not all items of rolling stock depicted in the booklet are accurate scale models of some full size locomotive, carriage etc. For serious passenger carrying requirements such an approach is not all together practicable and, as a guide, the following standards have been adopted; rolling stock is ⅙ of the full size, signals are ¼ of the full size and lineside features are ½ of the full size.

Tom Thumb

Rolling Stock Register

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The Doggies

The Doggies

A history of the Doggies by A. Foot


Steam Injectors

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