2 March 2018

On the evening of Tuesday February 27th 2018 the Shire of Nillumbik Councillors voted unanimously in favour of granting the Diamond Valley Railway a new 21 year lease on our site in Eltham Lower Park.

To achieve this lease renewal many people have been involved in the process that has taken some 9 months to reach its conclusion. Members of the railway’s committee have worked with Councillors and Shire Staff along with staff at DELWP (Government Department) to come up with an ...agreement that could be presented to the community/council and we are extremely pleased that it was so well received that it was passed with support from all elected Councillors.

We are very pleased to have secured a 21 year lease so we can continue to provide our railway to those members of the local community and those who travel from further afield to enjoy our railway.

We look forward to working with fellow community groups in finding more ways to improve our section of Eltham Lower Park over the coming years and we believe everyone will see some great things happening very soon.

The railway would like to express its gratitude and thanks to everyone from elected Councillors to staff at Nillumbik Council who have been involved in the process of the lease renewal.

We would also like to thank everyone who made submissions to the Council during the public consultation process, we had great support from many people and we are very grateful for that.

To all our passengers we thank you all for your continued support of our railway and we hope you continue to enjoy visiting DVR for many years to come.

And finally to all of our membership we thank you for giving up your time to help continue to make DVR one of the best and most popular miniature railways in the world. We are 100% Volunteer Run and completely not for profit and we thank everyone who is a part of helping DVR continue to operate.

Come and help celebrate our new lease at our 12 Hour Community Run on Sunday March 11th from 11:00am until 11:00pm!

Full steam ahead for popular miniature railway - Nillumbik Shire Council

Photo: S. Daly