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Information pic What is DVR ?
A very good question as DVR is many things for so many people. On one hand for the general public we are a fun way to spend a day, riding our miniature trains. But we are also a community of like minded hobbiest & model engineers who love nothing better to operate the railway for our enjoyment and your riding pleasure.

The track is laid to a gauge of 184mm (7&1/4 inches) and we run on about 2km of track, up and down hills, across bridges, and through tunnels. Our locos and rollingstock can typically be Steam, Diesal or Electric.

Quick Guide:
  • Cost: Only $3.00 per passenger. Children under 2 years ride free.
  • Location: Eltham Lower Park, Melways map 21 H10.
  • Times: Basically every Sunday 11am-5pm . For more times click here.

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