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Welcome to the official Diamond Valley Railway (DVR) website.
DVR is one of Australia's finest Passenger Carrying Miniature Railways
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Quick Guide:
  • Cost: Only $3.00 per passenger.
    Children under 2 years ride free.
  • Location: Eltham Lower Park,
    Melways map 21 H10.
  • Times: Basically every Sunday 11am-5pm .

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This railway was established in 1960, with the aim of providing people, who are not normally railway men and women, with the opportunity of building and operating a real passenger carrying railway system in miniature.

If you have not been to DVR, it should be located in your mind's eye for this 184 mm (7& 1/4 inch) gauge railway is located in parkland in the suburb of Eltham close to the Diamond Creek, from which it gets its name. It began in this location in 1959, after the closure of the Chelsworth Park Railway.

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Diamond Valley Railway Eltham
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